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Once in a Life Time
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20th-Jul-2010 01:23 am - SHINEE LUCIFER
16th-Jul-2010 10:00 pm - Truth or Dare
     Title:Truth or Dare
     Pairings: shinee OTP5
     Genre:fluff, angst (idk really)
     Author: yoogeun02
     Summary:Every thing became strange, as if the world stopped. They were all  sitting in a circle, playing truth or dare. Jaws dropped as secrets came out and no one could do anything but be silent.

        (30 minutes before)

         "Damn this storm!"

          "It's darkkkkk!"

          "OMO! I touched something squishy!"  

          "Key, that's my family jewel."
           The room was filled with a bright light which revealed a Key with his hand clutching on Jonghyun crotch, a Minho tripping on Taemin and falling on top of him, and a fuming Onew holding a candle.

    "Light's go off for 10 seconds and you guys are ALREADY HORNEY! It seemed like he said it for everyone, but he was boring holes on Jonghyun and Key. Everyone scrabbled up. "Sorry, Onew hyung."

    "Hey! Why dont we play truth or dare!"Taemin whispered.

  "I don't wanna play some immature game in the dark! Who knows what will happen!"Minho shouted.

   "Please hyung." Taemin moaned and that was all he had to do. Minho melted into a puddle over those puppy eyes.

   "Fine. Anything for you."
   Taemin cheeks flushed in the candle light."Well since you agreed, Minho should choose first.

        , Minnie, truth or dare?" Minho said, trying too look anywhere but Taemin's milky thighs.
"Mmmmm, truth." Minho grinned evilly, raising an eyebrow,"Is it true that you like someone?"

Taemin turned into 10 different shades of red. "Yes..." Key let out a small giggle,"Ya, this is fun, ne," he squealed.

Onew and Jonghyun blushed as Key moved between them. Taemin, taking advantage of Onew's embarrassment chose him.
"Onew! Truth or dare!"

          Standing up confidently, but yet again falling from his balance, he meekly said dare. "I DARE YOU TO SIT ON KEY UMMA'S LAP FOR THE REST OF THE GAME!"

Onew froze and Key turned 30 more different shades of red, but nobody noticed Jonghyun's knuckles turning white and his head lowering.

Still in shock, Onew plopped himself on Key's lap.
 'Is it just me, or did Key get hard?!'

       Jonghyun's POV
       I think I was about to punch Onew's face. Wow, i'm pathetic, I really need to get a hold of myself.

But i just really like Key, no, love key. His perfect eyes, his perfect hair, his lavender scent....it was just one night, one night! but that night with him changed everything, the way he kissed me, the way he touched me, the way our bodies were together as one, the way- "JONGHYUN TRUTH OR DARE!

" Dammit Onew, you know how to ruin a good flashback.

            "Truth," I said reluctantly. Immediately Onew asked,"Is it true you have ever liked a guy?" 'shit can this guy read minds!'

What seemed forever I finally answered. "COME ON HYUNNIE, WE'RE WAITING!" "Alright, alright true!" Key froze under Onew.

"I always new you were gay hyunnie," Taemin said as Minho chuckled. This was gonna be a long night.

  End of pov

        "Ya! You think your so funny Taemin! Truth or DARE!"Jonghyun spat. Taemin puffed his chest out bravely. " I'm not scared. Dare!" 

         "I dare you to tell us you're biggest secret!" 
"I-I-I....i like someone....in this room.
    'I always knew you were gay hyunnie... my ass"
hehehe unbeta'd and possible fail? should i keep going? anyways comments are loved:)




23rd-Jun-2010 09:33 pm - Idol Army Nightmare
 This is my first shinee fanfic so i failed alot haha and plz no rude comments.

Everything inside me stiffened. i felt like wretching nickhun and minho away. i stood staring at them, my hands were turning into fist as i saw them, minhos hand in the places where nickhun had his hands on him.. "Taemin-ah, what are you staring at?" i turned around and saw Key, who was the only one who knew my love for minho. i just stared at the ground, avoiding my tears to come to his sight. Key just hugged me and went with onew, hugging him from behind. All of a sudden, they started calling key and my name. it was already time to show them our "charm". "Charm my ass," i thought. Key and i danced the famous do it well dance. We danced with swift and sudden moves that made a professional choreograph gape.i thought nothing but minho, if only i knew he was doing the same with me. 

"BUT HE KISSED HIM!" i cried. "It was on accident!" key said. 'BUT THEY DID IT TWICE!" key could only hug me. i ran to the restroom during commercials after nickhun and minho kissed. key  followed me in but the comforting only made it worse. i cried silently in keys shoulde because i knew at that moment he didnt like me, but boy was i wrong.

  The was a knock on the door."Taeminne, are you okay?" i looked at key and he nodded. he left the reatroom and was replaced by minho.i slid to the floor and he came down with me. 'Whats wrong?" i looked in the mirror, i saw my puffy red eyes compared to his perfect face. Then i felt a hand on my chin. He looked into my eyes."whats wrong" he said in a firm voice."You kissed him..." then he brought his soft, moist lips and met it with mine. it started soft and inexperienced, then it went into a deep passionate kiss, both our lips rhymaticly beating of each other, our feeling melting into the kiss. it felt like days while we kissed and we parted, gasping for oxygen."I dont like him, lee taemin, i love you.      I love you, too. he brought me in his arm, the floor of a bathroom. "Nikhun, i think they are here!" "We are so busted"

   wow, really bad haha, anyways comments are loved
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